13 Things Truckers Know that College Grads Don't

With all the complaints about the decline of basic cultural literacy in High Ed, we like to equip you with some key information which your college professor would prefer you didn't know or care. These sections are a quick fly-by of some basic civics that will put you on the same page of what the Founding Fathers were schooled in. These bits will give you some sense of the optimism immigrants were hoping to find in the New World. Each section comes with an external links for more comprehensive read of the subjects. 


Greco-Roman History

Learn the stories and struggles of the world's very first republican revolutionaries. The Latin and political theory behind the concept of 'Res Publica' and how it informed James Madison's formulation of the US Constitution. 


Pre-1776 Scary Times

One thousand years of warfare, famine, witch hunts, massacres. Average lifespan is 40 years. Islam Caliphate invades Eastern Europe. Crusades takes back 'Holy Land'. Plagues and burning at the stakes. Religious wars. 


Age of Revolutionaries

People start questioning everything. The state, organized religion and doctrines. Age of Reason. 


America after 1850s

The United States is a Republic. A Republic recognizes that all forms of power cannot be trusted to any single aspect of society. None. Not babies. Not puppies. Go watch Pet Sematary if you need a refresher. 


20th Century

World Wars, Genocides, Ethnic Cleansings, Moon Landings, Soviet Empire, Communism, Socialism, Star Wars, Disneyland, etc. 

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