Latest #WalkAway Portends DNC's Future

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

What struck me about this #WalkAway testimonial video is its timeline and political geography.

Georgia H is from Massachusetts, lives in LA and is a teacher. A lifelong Democrat, she walked away from her Party in December 2018.

The story was posted in September 2020 which tells me WalkAway has a staying power that will outlast previous popular albeit short-lived (pro-liberty) grassroots movements—such as the Tea Party. Why? Because a movement based on individual stories are ownable by individuals. They don't require the coordination of organizations and hierarchies to deploy. More on the longevity of WalkAway in another post.

Georgia represents the prime Democrat voter demographic. But even collectivists are at their very core individuals. And the left's increasingly totalitarian culture can suffocate a collectivist to the point where their individual instincts kick in and drive them to come up for air.

This growing ‘Unsilent Majority’ of top defectors as Brandon Straka calls them are not accounted for in popular pollings.

If Gerogia's story is any indication, the Democrat Party's confidence in its unsinkable brand loyalty and obsessive focus on Orange Man has made it blind to the political iceberg that have determined its future.

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