Perseus of Argos is...

...the pseudonym of Indie R's founder and current lead organizer.

Perseus was born and raised in Singapore where he spent six years in the SAF as a second sergeant in the armor brigade.

His parents are ‘Hoa People’, the Chinese-Vietnamese diaspora who fled the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975, resettling in Singapore, Australia and the U.S.


Perseus's paternal aunts, uncle and grandparents were middle class shopkeepers who sold soft drinks on the streets of Cholon, Saigon.

Except for a surviving aunt, they were never heard from again after their forced relocation to a re-education camp and failed attempts to escape on the open sea.

Like many immigrants with similar experience, Perseus is appalled by the ignorance and psychopathic embrace of socialism by America's academic elites despite its history of rewarding corruption, poverty and human rights abuses around the world. 

Indie R is a labor of love and Perseus's life-long fulfillment of his naturalization oath to defend the freedoms and liberty of his adopted country. He is a keen reader and promoter of James Madison, Alexis de Tocqueville and Ayn Rand.  

Perseus is currently a GOP county committeemen in Northeast Queens. He was elected to the position by a grassroots initiative to replace the party's establishment culture with political outsiders. Perseus speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. Besides helping independents get on the ballot, Perseus is also involved in promoting American civics and constitutional literacy to NYC's East Asian immigrants.   

Outside of Indie R and politics, Perseus is a designer in the advertising and fashion industry. 

The moniker ‘Perseus of Argos’ comes from the mythological Greek hero who outmaneuvered Medusa with Athena's reflective shield. Perseus sees many instructive parallels in how to deal with the false projections of empathy and moral superiority by woke authoritarians and oppression experts.

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